Services and Fees

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by … I look forward to working with you, as we jointly explore the beautiful intricacies of your natal chart!

I am available by appointment, via phone or video (Skype/FaceTime). Occasionally available in person, in NYC or Ulster County – please inquire upon booking if you are local to these areas.

To book an appointment, please leave your information on my Contact page.  Payment is due upon confirmation of the appointment date, either via PayPal or in cash, or by check.

IMPORTANT: All chart readings require accurate birth data for each person whose chart is to be analyzed (year, month, day and time of birth, as well as location). In most cases, this can be found on the birth certificate.

Please send your data in at least one week in advance of your appointment, to allow for sufficient preparation time.

During your session, you will receive a short, computerized report featuring your natal chart wheel and some brief planetary descriptions. However, the real heart of the reading will be in the conversation that takes place during our session; it is highly recommended that you record it, so that you are not distracted by taking notes. (Free recording apps are available for download on most smartphones, e.g. Voice Recorder for iPhone, or Audio Recorder for Android)

Full Natal Horoscope Reading

We will discuss the basic “energy blueprint” of your chart; your emotional, mental and spiritual frameworks, what role relationships (of all kinds) play in your life, and ways for you to access your own unique forms of creativity and growth. We will then have a look at major energy trends in your chart over the next year. ***60 mins – $100***

Relationship Reading

We will discuss how each partner’s chart field interacts with the other partner’s, and what results from your combined energies – the relationship as it’s own entity, with it’s basic purpose, it’s developmental needs , and how it may evolve over time. Family members, friends, business partners…even pets! All forms of relationship (not only the romantic kind!) can qualify for such readings, as long as a regular interaction has been established with the other person whose chart is being studied.

Given the sensitive nature of the information being shared, I encourage this reading to be done jointly with both parties, in order to make it a shared learning experience. However, this is not mandatory. ***90 minutes -$150***

Note: SPECIAL RATE For clients who are requesting a relationship reading, but have their own chart read by me in a prior session *** 90 minutes – $100 ***

Follow-up Readings (specific question, birthday reading, etc.)

This shorter session is designed for clients who have already had a birth chart reading with me, as a way of checking-in during certain times of the year, e.g. birthdays, or other moments at which you feel your life might be at a crossroads and you would like advice on a specific issue. ***30 minutes – $50***

In compliance with New York State Law, and United States Federal Law, all astrological readings are for the purposes of entertainment only.