Learning to Love the Lion Within: Part 2 – Aquarius Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

What has come to light in the past two weeks? Are the intentions or ideas that you formulated roughly two weeks ago at the New Moon of July 23rd (especially if they related to Leonine values such as creativity,  playfulness, leadership, generosity, and recognition of worth in self or others) starting to take some sort of physical or material shape? Is your external environment giving you any feedback on these types of issues – fun, painful, in or out of balance?

On August 7th, just after 2 pm EDT, we’ll be halfway through this special Leo lunar phase. From our Earthling standpoint, the Moon will be situated exactly opposite from the Sun: a Full Moon – the time at which our planetary satellite usually receives its maximum amount of reflected sunlight.   On this specific date,  it will also be aligned in such a way with the  Earth that it will partially dip into its shadow; the Moon on August 7th will thus also be involved in a partial Lunar Eclipse – visible in the night skies across the entire Asian and European continents.

Timeanddate-partiallunareclipse DSC_0042 Partial Lunar Eclipse l

From an astrological standpoint, the Moon represents what enables us to physically & emotionally register, and react to the world around us; to collect impressions and reflect them back (as the Moon does with the Sun’s rays)- to others, or within oneself. In a natal chart, The Moon ‘s sign and house placement describes emotional identity, as forged through memory, and biological continuity (= bloodline; family inheritance…)

Ideally, as we progress through life, we can learn to appreciate what our natal Moon brings to the table, by understanding where we come from, literally AND metaphorically ; ultimately, our Moon qualities must be brought to serve our Solar purpose (represented by the sign and position of our Natal Sun), if we seek to truly live a creative, vibrant, and mindful life.

On a global level, the spatial relationship between the Sun and the Moon is constantly and cyclically evolving around us; within a roughly 28 day timespan, our perception of the Moon in the sky changes, from absent (New Moon; conjunction with the Sun), to waxing crescent, to Quarter Moon, when Moon and Sun form a 90 degree angle from each other from an Earthbound perspective, to full disc ( waxing Gibbous, then Full Moon opposing Sun and Moon), back through waning  gibbous and crescent, and once again to a New Moon conjunction.

Using an Astrological lens, we can associate these different phases (and sub-phases in between) with certain key moments of the Life cycle – be it of a living organism, an organization, a relationship or an idea. The New Moon is a time for planting seeds and formulating ideas; the First Quarter Moon marks the appearance of the first tangible signs of growth – and /or a period of testing and struggle to get the new life/project/idea “off the ground” . The Full Moon symbolically represents a time at which the New Moon seed or idea is at its most fully embodied  – fully flowering – or conversely,  the moment at which the gap between a projected goal and its actual accomplishment is at its most obvious, or when the “design flaws” of a project, idea or relationship are fully on display. Tides and emotions tend to run higher than usual during these few days of highest lunar luminosity. The latter phases of the Moon represent a  moment of harvest or crisis (Third Quarter Moon) , and as the Moon gradually grows dark again, its energy is spent, which is why the 3-4 days preceding a New Moon are generally considered favorable for all activities involving reflection, cleaning, dissolution, and tying up of loose ends.

During the Full Moon on August 7th, the Sun will be at 15 degrees of Leo, and the Moon will be at 15 degrees of Aquarius – Leo’s opposite sign. (Event chart below)

Transits of Aug 7, 2017.jpg

On the one hand, we have Leo – a fire sign, ruled by the Sun:  A warm summer day, with the sun at its zenith . We delved into Leo consciousness/energy in the last blog post, but to recap, Leo energy at its core is about acknowledging and celebrating the creative, Life-giving and Life-enjoying potential within each and every actor in this cosmic drama of existence.  It is that joyful, playful, noble part of us that, when well balanced, radiates warmth, generosity and joie de vivre, seeking to praise and uplift ; when frustrated, it can manifest as a lack of vitality and/or sense of purpose;  in excess, it can ride roughshod over others, demanding constant praise and attention, and stay firmly stuck in a self-centered loop of anger and recrimination.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Aquarius, an Air sign ruled by Uranus:  the lightning bolt during a thunderstorm, briefly illuminating the entire landscape (and possibly electrocuting or setting fire to it in the process). Aquarian consciousness/energy informs Life from a higher plane – the plane of mental energy, from which Spirit and Ideas originate, unmediated by emotion or personal perspective. This objective, mental energy is able to perceive the shape of things to come, in sometimes blinding or bewildering bursts of inspiration; it’s the energy that motivates the maverick, the genius, the inventor of advanced technologies that seem to speed up Time itself. It making decisions, the Aquarian does not waste time, and does not distinguish between gender, class or country, so long as the result  helps update and advance the Grand Plan of Existence. People, places and organizations with a strong Aquarian influence are often branded as progressive, egalitarian, ahead of their time and independence-loving; however, if unbalanced, Aquarian energy can also be quite disruptive, chaotic, hellbent on imposing its will and lacking in compassion (due to a lack of comprehension or tolerance for individual circumstance and vulnerability).

During this Full Moon of August 7th (and especially if you have planets or angles in your natal  chart at  or near 15 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio),  take a moment to “check in” with any new projects or relationships that might have either begun or evolved to a new level since the Leo New Moon of July 23rd, particularly if they have a Leonine or Aquarian flavor; ask yourself if they have a healthy balance of Head (Aquarius) and Heart (Leo).  As this Full Moon will also be a Lunar Eclipse, this balance/imbalance might manifest itself more clearly than it would have otherwise, particularly on or around August 13th, when transiting Mars in Leo passes over the degree of the Eclipse and triggers this sensitive point.

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