Learning to Love the Lion Within: Leo New Moon(s) Cycle and the Great American Eclipse (July 23 – August 21) – Part 1

Welcome, everyone, to the Heart of Summer!

Image credit: Firkin


Earlier today, July 23rd (at 11:45 am Greenwich Mean Time, or 5:45 am here in the Northeast US – just after dawn), the Moon conjuncted the Sun – a New Moon occurring in the astrological sign of Leo.

New Moons occur on average every 29 days;  from an astrological perspective, within that timeframe the Moon travels through all twelve signs of the Zodiac  -at a rate of about one Zodiac sign every 2.5 days (in comparison, it takes 30 days for the Sun to transit through each Zodiac sign, at a rate of one degree per day). New Moons generally occur in sequential order – that is to say, that a New Moon happening whilst the Sun is transiting in Aries ( March 20- April 19 of the conventional calendar), will be followed 28 days later by a New Moon in Taurus, followed by a New Moon in Gemini, etc. The Full Moon (when the Moon opposes the Sun) occurs about two weeks after the New Moon, in the opposite zodiacal sign – ie, the Aries New Moon will be followed by a Full Moon in Libra; a Taurus New Moon will be followed by a Scorpio Full Moon; a Sagittarius Full Moon will follow a Gemini New Moon.

Occasionally however, a New Moon will occur so early in a Zodiac sign that the following New Moon will also occur in that sign.

Today’s New Moon occurred at 0 degrees 44 of Leo ; thus, twenty-nine days from now, on August 21, the next New Moon will happen in the SAME sign, at  roughly 29 degrees of Leo.

The August 21 second Leo New Moon occurrence alone would make this coming lunar cycle noteworthy (the repetition of New Moons in the same sign was on  January 20 and February 18, 2015, in Aquarius), but that same day,  this particular Sun-Moon conjunction will also create a total solar eclipse , whose shadow will cross the the midsection of the United States,  from West to East coast – the “Great American Eclipse”, as you may have gathered from the extensive media coverage relating to it. The combination of these two occurrences, along with a sister eclipse on August 7th (a Full Moon in Aquarius) are making for a particularly potent July & August, from an astrological viewpoint – so let’s dig in to see what the fuss is about!

Leo New Moon n.1 : July 23, 2017

LEo New Moon Jul 23, 2017.jpg


Astrologically speaking,  Leo (the fifth sign in the Zodiac) is linked to the life & vitality generating energies of the Sun, around which all the planets in our Solar system revolve and which rules this sign.

People, relationships or events presenting a strong Leo signature in their chart  (key planets and / or chart angles in Leo) are said to be fiery and fixed in nature, i.e. honorable, generous, outgoing, creative, and/or courageous; but if this energy is not applied mindfully, Leo energy can also manifest as domineering, demanding, attention-seeking, and stubborn ( the “drama queen/tyrant” syndrome). Leo is linked to the heart and spine in the human body, the lion (and wolf)  in the animal kingdom, and the color/metal gold. Plants considered representative of Leo energy  include Bay, Chamomile, Calamus Root, Cowslip, Hops, Marigold, Mistletoe, Saffron, Sunflower and Cyclamen. (Source)

New Moons are a time for sowing seeds, (both metaphorically and literally!), with actual materialization or completion occurring after the Full Moon.

The first couple of days after a New Moon in Leo are a great time to take a moment and visualize anything one would like to initiate of a Leo-type nature (such as creative/artistic endeavors; fertility/childbirth; taking on a leading or inspirational role in any capacity), perhaps through a short meditation or ritual  incorporating  a candle (= fire), and Leo-ruled objects such as the ones mentioned above.

Today’s New Moon chart (see above) is a particularly dynamic blend of fiery energies, especially for people with many planets inthe early degrees of Leo, Aquarius, and middle degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius.  A great couple of days generally for athletic or military exploits (but also for conflict and a dramatic display of bruised egos), with a triple Sun/Moon/Mars conjunction in Leo, closely hugging the Ascendant and therefore highly noticeable. An opposition between Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius also seems to hint at heightened tensions over religious, philosophical and/or legal issues. Jupiter , the planet of optimism and expansion, is currently in Libra and was hugging this chart’s IC (beginning of fourth house of home, hearth and family roots) … seems like we are being asked to refine/expand our definition of home & tribe, although pressure from Pluto in Capricorn squaring it could indicate unseen power plays working to stymie this goal.

Stay tuned over the coming days for posts relating to the other key moments of this upcoming ( & momentous)  lunar cycle!

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