Emmanuel Macron and Charles De Gaulle: The political (and astrological?) ties that bind

The French presidential election is over, the legislative elections are about to begin, and in the intervening weeks President Emmanuel Macron has put together a government and taken his first steps on the international stage, at the recent NATO summit.

There has been a lot of chatter in the media about the solemn, almost regal way in which Macron orchestrated his inauguration; the balanced and subtle composition of his Cabinet (achieving an elusive balance between subject expert civilians and veteran politicians, former Republicans and Socialists, men and women), and his “tough guy” handshake with Donald Trump. Basically he seems so far to be doing as much as he can to distance himself from the governing styles of his last two his predecessors; the “bling bling”  brashness of Nicolas Sarkozy, and the faux-chummy “normal presidency” of Francois Hollande.

Articles have been written, even prior to his election, that liken Macron’s governing style and priorities to those of General Charles de Gaulle – which seems on the surface quite a preposterous comparison to make, especially so early on in Macron’s term.  However this bold statement got me to wondering whether Astrology might provide any clues as to what the political newcomer and youngest –ever President of France might  have in common with the towering WW2 hero of the French Resistance and founder of the Fifth Republic.



Analyzing Charles De Gaulle’s chart merits an article in and of itself. But to our point here, De Gaulle’s Scorpio Sun  – his creative fire and source of identity and vitality – is EXACTLY conjunct Macron’s Midheaven, which represents the way in which Macron seeks to have an impact on society (most likely via his career , which of course at this point is influencing millions of lives as Head of State). The beginning of Macron’s 7th house, otherwise known as the Descendant – a type of energy that he possesses inherently, but that he tends to draw out from or project onto partners of all kinds; his “alter ego(s)”  – is EXACTLY conjunct De Gaulle’s Midheaven. And, even more amazingly: Macron’s Part of Fortune  is – you guessed it ! – tightly conjunct De Gaulle’s North Node.

I’m going to spend a bit of time on this last connection because frankly I find it amazing 🙂

The Part of Fortune is (POF) a theoretical point developed by Medieval Arabic scholars,  calculated using the positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant at birth. In traditional astrology, it was said to represent an area of life or type of activity  that, if cultivated, would likely to bring the native, as the name suggests, beneficial results or “good fortune” (unless it was poorly aspected,  in which case the native was more likely to be a victim of misfortune and hardship in that area of life). In the Astrological school that I follow, the POF has an additional meaning – it is said to represent the desire for a specific type of experience  or set of circumstances that draws the native’s soul back into incarnation. (I like to think of the POF as sort of existential “Bucket List” reminder in the natal chart!) The North Node is also a theoretical point in the chart, representing the location at which the orbit of the Moon crosses over and above the apparent path of the Sun across the sky at the time of the native’s birth (click here for an illustration). Astrologers study the condition of the North Node (and it’s opposite point, the South Node) to gain insights as to the overall evolutionary path a person is on – with the South Node representing skills, experiences and a type of awareness that has already been experienced in the present or past incarnations, and the North Node representing the skills, experiences and type of awareness a person is tasked with acquiring in the current phase of existence. This particular conjunction is happening in intellectually curious and multitasking Gemini, located in Macron’s 4th house, which represents the domestic environment, the land of birth and family legacy.  So getting back to this configuration, we have Macron’s (Gemini/ 4th house) Part of Fortune– the overriding desire that drew him back into a human existence –  merging with de Gaulle’s North Node in Gemini – the evolutionary path he was striving for his whole life!

To me, the synastry couldn’t be any clearer: Macon is picking up where DeGaulle left off; continuing and building upon his legacy. I would not be surprised if future biographers note that Macron became obsessed with De Gaulle at an early age, or that he was raised within a devoutly Gaullist family…. both of which would probably a little at odds with his left-leaning tendencies and Gen X cultural references.

On a moderating note, Macron’s Neptune (the part of us that seeks to erase boundaries of all kinds; our yearning for transcendence, for self-sacrifice, but also our propensity to be led astray by illusion) , in philosophical and restless Sagittarius , also closely conjuncts De Gaulle’s South Node. I do think that Macron might be prone to holding a perhaps overly idealistic view of the French general.  I think this  configuration could be construed as a subtle warning not  to impose his views  about multiculturalism and “internationalism”  too firmly on others ; it represents a blind spot in Macron’s chart where he means well and he has boundless optimism, but  where he should avoid becoming dogmatic and make sure he has objective counsellors to keep him in line with reality (Macron has a lot of Sagittarian  energy in his makeup, with not only Neptune, but his Venus, Mercury and Sun too. So this will be a challenge for him- luckily, his pragmatic Capricorn Ascendant will do much to rein him in most of the time).

Another interesting connection between the two charts is that De Gaulle and Macron’s Marses (Mars= principal of action, drive, anger , and lust/desire; how we go about getting what we want) are exactly opposite each other: De Gaulle’s was in innovative, strategic and group-oriented Aquarius, whilst Macron’s retrograde Mars is in expansive and dramatic Leo. Macron will definitely err on the side of pomp & pageantry when it comes to implementing his policies – a fan of the symbolic show of force, for sure! (Meeting with Putin in Versailles, anyone??)

Macron himself has mentioned that he intended to be a “Jupiterian” ruler – a bit above the fray, generous but not micro-managing. That’s Leo to a T : Inspiring, flashy, even playful, but possibly also self-centered … and leaving the details to his subordinates. It’s also interesting to note that Macron  has re-named the formerly called Ministry of Defense, giving it the rather old-school title “Ministry of Armies”, which was used from 1947-1974  -i.e.,  during De Gaulle’s era.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

I’m operating somewhat on a hunch now, but after studying Macron’s chart interaction with the Fifth Republic chart (see my previous article on this here), and now tuning into the connections between De Gaulle and Macron’s charts, I do believe Macron will be called to take some sort of leading role in an international military operation in the next few years. We might get an indication of what this will be right around the  weeks surrounding the so-called “Great American Eclipse”  happening  this year on August 21; this momentous event will be conjuncting his Saturn (which also happens to be his chart ruler), and will also be strongly aspecting the US Chart and President Donald Trump’s chart.



Astrology can also give us insights to help us answer the question: “Why Macron now?”

It’s hard to overstate how swiftly Emmanuel Macron rose to power in France – a country that has been very conservative when it comes to renewing its political class, at least over the last 50 years. His party, “En Marche” (Now renamed “La Republique En Marche”) was officially launched on April  6, 2016 – just over a year before the first round of the presidential election. He was unknown to the French public only three years ago, and had until now never held elected office. This beats Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to national power by a mile – and Macron rose neither in a time of war nor other extraordinary political or economic circumstances. Many have speculated that France’s political system was decomposing and ripe for a disruptive influence anyway, and many people voted for him by default to keep far-right contender Marine Le Pen out of power.  All of these are of course valid arguments, but looking more deeply into De Gaulle and Macron’s charts, I see another intriguing possibility: that in many ways, it was a “now or never “ moment for Macron to capitalize on his uncanny energetic connection to De Gaulle’s chart, to leapfrog over prevailing social and political roadblocks and  gain access to power.

We’ve already looked at De Gaulle and Macron’s natal chart interconnections, but those represent a snapshot of a their “energetic blueprint” at birth; what I will now focus on is how these energetic blueprints evolved over their lifetimes -and possibly beyond!-, by using a symbolic technique called secondary progressions. This technique “moves forward” a natal chart using the timescale of a day for a year, to gain insights into the inner processes of maturation an individual will engage with at certain points of  their life. So, for example,  to look at what inner dynamics someone might be facing at age thirty, one will look at the transits happening 30 days after their birth.  Of course, one may ask: De Gaulle died decades ago – how can his chart “live on” without him, so to speak? That question is currently beyond my metaphysical pay grade, but the fact is that progressing De Gaulle’s chart alongside Macron’s, one notices yet again a fascinating set of connections (different from the ones described earlier in this article) that WERE AT THEIR PEAK POTENCY within roughly the last 18 month period leading up to the elections, and quickly fade out after May 2017. Accordingly, if Macron had waited this election out, it might have proven a lot trickier for him to jump into the fray five years from now.

Most parts of a progressed natal chart (with the exception of the  progressed Moon and  angles: Asc/Dsc, Mideaven etc) will move quite slowly each year,  and generally only aspects of 1 degree or less between the planets of a natal and progressed chart, or a change of sign of the progressed planet,are taken into account in predictive work. Using this rule of thumb, I looked at Macron’s progressed chart and noticed that on August 25, 2015, De Gaulle’s Progressed Ascendant came to exactly conjunct – down to the minute and second of arc – Macron’s progressed Sun. In other words, De Gaulle’s evolved worldview merged with Macron’s evolved creative impulse and vitality/sense of identity. Just three days later, on August 28, 2015, Macron – who was then Economy Minister in President Francois Hollande’s government – got a standing ovation at a meeting of the Socialist Party’s reformist group (echoes of Obama’s Democratic Convention speech in 2004!) , and privately confided in an attendee that he believed Hollande’s impopularity would keep him from running for re-election, and that “they need to prepare for what would come after that” (= the first inking of his national political ambitions?). The remark was prophetic: Hollande only announced his withdrawal from the race in December 2016 – over a year later, quite a long stretch indeed in political timetables! (For an insider’s view of the buildup to Macron’s electoral win, read this article (in French).

On April 6 (the official launch of En Marche – see chart above), there were at least three close aspects under 1 degree of arc between De Gaulle and Macron’s progressed charts: the aforementioned Asc/Sun conjunction, an exact conjunction between De Gaulle’s Progressed Mercury and Macron’s Progressed Ascendant, and  a conjunction between De Gaulle’s Sun and Macron’s South Node , which I would call this a “déjà vu” aspect. On the final round of the presidential election, all of these conjunctions were still operative, but starting in July, one by one they will start to move out of orb, and by May 2018, only the Mercury/Ascendant aspect will be operative – barely.  (De Gaulle’s progressed Part of Fortune will be conjuncting Macron’s Progressed Jupiter by then, so perhaps he might still be giving him a gentle nudge from the Great Beyond from time to time?)

When I see chart configurations like these, I am simply astounded by the insights Astrology can give into the unseen workings of the Universe. It’s very hard NOT to believe there is some greater organizing principle at hand when you apply the rules of Astrological interpretation to a situation like this…Stay tuned for updates on this most unusual political cycle!

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